Why Us?

1. London is our second global location. We already have a store in Toronto, just like this one. Next-up NYC. 
See reviews on our Facebook page, and Google reviews here.

2. PAY-ON-PICKUP to get 50% off your canvas prints.  
Pay on pick-up, so you're guaranteed to be happy with your canvas (or you don't pay). 
Picking up? We're the best value photo-on-canvas people in London. 

3. Location
Come to our London showroom and talk to us! 
Beware of online companies that claim to print stuff here in the UK, but they are based in Germany, like this example. 

4. Equipment
We have two huge Canon & HP printers that only print on canvas. 
They cost us lots and we often talk to them. 

5. Proof
We will send you a proof (via email) of your photo/artwork and offer any advice on improvements that could be made. 

6. We are graphic designers and photographers. 
We are big on quality control. We are qualified design professionals.  
We know Photoshop so well, we teach it (and other Adobe software) at our sister company: Adobe.london