How will my image look?

You will be emailed a proof and it will give you a really good understanding of the final printed and stretched canvas.

If we don't think your print will look good, we won't print your canvas. Simple. 

How are you so London-centric? 

Simply put, there's tonnes of online canvas printers, you pay upfront... then DHL throw your canvas out of the van and you get to see it when it's unwrapped. IF it looks good, you hang it up. We think that's silly. With us, you don't pay if you are unhappy.

How do I hang my canvas print when I get it? 

We will. Or, if you prefer: Stretched canvas prints are so easy to hang. Stick a nail or screw (or two, depending on this size of your canvas) in the wall and let your canvas print sit on the wooden lip. 

You think London is the centre of the world, what happens if I live in Kent or something?
Sorry, we don't serve outside London much. We hand deliver. We're different. 

How long will the canvas last?
The canvas material we use is archival quality and has a specifically designed light coating for kick-ass colour. Canvases are only intended for indoor use, but even in display of direct window light should still last for 12-20 years - if cared for properly.


How do I clean my canvas?
On the white areas (only) use a pencil eraser (rubber). The canvases are durable and resist most scratches and smudges. Years after from your purchase, if the canvas gets nicked and looses ink in a certain area, it can be touched up with felt–tip markers or paint.


What is your turnaround time?
1-7 days depending on all kind of things. If you have a rush request please call us for assistance.


Can I come in and talk to you about all this? Or just see some examples. 
Yes, call us to arrange an appointment. 


Do you have frame options?
Yes. If you want a frame too we can do simple floating frames, or advise you where to go for ornate stuff. 

Will you make it for me and my friend will pick it up? It's easier for me to send a friend.
Sure. Just tell us the name of the person that's going to pick it up. 

How do I know you guys are good at Photoshop?
We teach it. We own www.Adobe.london - book a course if you like. We also operate AdobeTrainingToronto in Canada.

Will you do me a collage or a multi-panel print?
Yep.  You can make your own collage at picmonkey.com, or we will do it using Photoshop. As for triptychs and other multi-panel prints; easy, just tell us what you want when you email us. 

Will you stretch MY canvas? We can stretch your prints (paintings from Africa etc.). Yes, call for a quote. We are WAY cheaper than framing places, but do check to make sure you're comfortable.